Online Only Auction of Estate, Content and Salvage

  • We clean, prepare, organize and photograph all items in the home.
  • We take multiple photographs and post precise descriptions and measurements to inform buyers.
  • We research and appraise all items.  We have a professional staff that specialize in their related fields of antiques, coins, stamps, toys, sports memorabilia, automotive, jewellery, furniture and real estate.
  • We market the online only auction through our website, auction sites, newspaper classifieds and social network
  • We send out a newsletter to our large database of subscribers and to buyers who have a "wish list".
  • We list the auction in advance. The online only auction runs for one week.
  • We do not charge a buyer's premium.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, E-Transfer and cash at time of pick-up.
  • We protect our clients confidentiality regarding every aspect of the sale.
  • We work with Executors, Power of Attorney and out of province home owners.
  • We provide an itemized list of the results per lot sold and payment by draft made fifteen days after sale.
  • We are present when sold lots are picked up and ship any items.
  • We arrange to donate items that did not sell.
  • We sweep clean the home at the end of the sale.

In-House Estate, Content and Salvage Sale

  • We clean, prepare, organize and display all items in the home. 
  • We protect our clients confidentiality regarding every aspect of the sale.
  • We research and price all items based on our professional staff's experience using current market values.  Appraisal services are included.
  • All staff are uniformed and recognizable for assistance and sales.
  • We provide and set up shelving, tables, clothing racks, jewellery trays and all necessary equipment.
  • We market your sale through many avenues of advertising including our website, newspaper classifieds and social networks including Flickr and Pinterest.  Large directional signs are posted outside at main intersections towards the sale.  
  • We send out email blasts to a large database of subscribers and to buyers who have a "wish list" of your upcoming sale. 
  • We take digital photograph's with descriptions highlighting items included all linked to your sale on our website. 
  • We mark steps and other potential hazards and close off areas that are not to be entered.  Safety is important to us.
  • We number the amount of people who come into your home at one time and each room has a dedicated staff member for assistance and security. 
  • We have staff available to cover all areas of your home for security, assistance, complete sales and help with delivery of items.
  • In cases of a home being demolished arrange systematic schedule for removal of items in timely fashion.
  • We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and  E Transfers.  
  • We provide an itemized receipt and proceeds are paid to you at the end of the sale day.
  • We clean sweep the home at the end of the sale.

Home Organization, Staging, Packing and Moving

  • We declutter, organize, clean and remove any items for optimum presentation prior to home being placed on market.
  • Determine if a content sale should be held before, after sale of home or both.
  • Donate or dispose of items not being placed for content sale.
  • For clients who are downsizing and moving to another home pack items before or after house is sold.
  • On individual basis arrange moving of all items to the next home.  If needed we will unpack at new location. 
  • Sweep clean the home for the new homeowner.


Our services are tailored on an individual basis.  We offer a beneficial financial result to you with no upfront costs and all expenses are paid by us associated with appraising and promoting your estate and content sale.  This sets us apart.

Estate Sales Ontario and its staff are dedicated in providing a high level of care, support and dedication you can trust to generate a successful sale.  An integral part is listening to our client's needs and surpassing their expectations. 

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